Ideas on How to Lay Your Pattern Pavers

Posted on: 17 May 2017

If you are looking to install pattern pavers, it may seem easy to simply lay them in a uniform pattern and be done with your exterior flooring. This approach may seem time efficient, but it may not do much for your kerb appeal. If you would like your exterior flooring to stand out and boost the value of your home, it may be worthwhile to consider creative ways to lay these pavers. Read on for some ideas on how to lay your pattern pavers for maximum visual appeal.

Use pebbles with your pavers

Having straight lines between your pavers may seem neat and straightforward, but this layout will not provide you with visual interest. Instead of simply having the pavers lying next to each other, you should consider incorporating pebbles into your exterior flooring too. The pebbles not only break the monotony of the pavers, but they also add a touch of tactile interest to your outdoor flooring. You can even choose to have the pebbles painted beforehand if you would like to add a pop of colour to your outdoor flooring without it being overwhelming. The pebbles can also be used as edging along the various pathways on your yard, which will also protect the soil from erosion.

Install freeform pavers

Another popular design homeowners gravitate to when installing pattern pavers is to have them in one uniform size and lay them in a symmetrical pattern. If you would like something different that would appear natural and rustic, you should consider laying freeform pavers. These types of pavers come in varying sizes, and you can get them as big or as small as you would like. You can then lay the pavers in an irregular pattern to give them the appearance of naturally occurring rocks in your walkways.

Make use of multiple patterns

If you do not want to use different materials with your pavers and would prefer if they were installed tightly together, you may want to opt for different patterns to create visual interest. Instead of installing the pavers with a singular pattern in mind, switch things up by laying the pavers in different directions at different points of your flooring. For example, in the middle of the flooring, you could have the pavers laid in a centric pattern to create circular designs, while at the perimeter you could have the pavers laid in a uniform manner. This approach helps you create a unique appearance without incorporating additional elements.

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