Why Homesteaders Should Consider Road Stabilisation Services

Posted on: 15 June 2017

Owning and operating a sustainable homestead generally means owning several acres of land. Though many homesteaders use trail paths to get back and forth on larger parcels, some homesteads and operating farms use road paths rather than ATV trails. These roads are generally unpaved and they may simply be filled with fill-dirt that has been brought in and packed down with culverts serving to fill gaps in creek beds and small streams to connect the roadways. If this is how your homestead is set up, then you may have run into issues with stabilisation. Here are some reasons you should consider hiring a contractor for road stabilisation on your homestead:

Soil Testing

One of the main benefits of hiring a contractor for road stabilisation is the soil testing process. This is the first process in stabilisation and is used to determine the stability of the soil and if any additives can be used on the soil to make it stronger and more durable. It also allows the contractor to see if there is any contamination in the soil and if it would be suitable for asphalt or concrete stabilisation options. This can be a key benefit later if you decide to move beyond small project road stabilisation and move to paving larger areas of the homestead.

Choosing the Proper Stabilisation Agent

You have a choice between various types of concrete, gravel, fill or asphalt for your roadways on the homestead. Though you can make this choice yourself, it may not be the best choice for the environment or for you. For example, you may go with a cheaper option of gravel. This means that when washouts occur, you will have to replace the gravel, resurface the area, and repack the area to stabilise the roadway. This is a lot of work that can take a large amount of time away from your homestead. Asphalt may also not be ideal depending on your location and the weather in your area. Having a contractor handle the task will give you the ability to use their professional recommendations rather than just going on your own budgeting instinct.

Durability Benefits

When you handle your own road stabilisation you may think you are making the best choices for your soil, homestead, and long-term durability. The truth is, part of the durability of the road stabilisation process is in the professional equipment that is used. Without this equipment, you may end up with a road that is durable for a few years, but nowhere near the long-term durability of a professionally handled road. This durability is a huge benefit when you begin looking at maintenance fees and replacement fees.

By keeping these three benefits in mind, you can begin searching for a contractor that will help you with your homesteading road stabilisation needs. You will also know more about what you are looking for in the long-term for your road stabilisation ahead of your contractor consultation.