Render You Colourful: How Cement Rendering Can Make Your Home Unique

Posted on: 27 March 2018

If you're looking for something unusual and different for your exterior home decor, you may be having a hard time finding something. Most styles are fairly discreet, designed to look appealing but also to fit in with other homes. Among other things, this means quite a limited and neutral colour palette. As such, if that's not what you want, it can be frustrating to shop. However, if this describes you, then a possible solution could be to opt for cement rendering services.

What Is It?

A layer of cement mixed in with aggregates such as coarse sand is placed onto the surface of your building. It's suitable for a variety of different surfaces, including brick and stone — and cement itself, of course. Essentially, this additional layer adds an interesting texture. It is largely done for aesthetic purposes, but can also be useful for weather resistance, protecting the surface of your building from the heat of the weather.

How Does It Look?

The final result will depend on your taste. It can be quite coarse and bumpy in texture, adding interest, or it can be fairly smooth. The specialist you work with should be able to show you examples of each; that way, you can decide what kind of mixture is best for your project. As for the colour? That's the exciting part for inventive homeowners. It can be mixed with any kind of pigment to create a nice, bright result — or something gentle and pastel if you prefer. Either way, it gives a much broader range of colour options than traditional wall surfaces.

How Long Will It Last?

As long as you want it to. If correctly applied, cement rendering can remain neat and tidy on your exterior wall for decades. In southern Europe, where the style is most popular, you can find hundred-year-old buildings with their rendering still intact. These days, it's even helped along by a finishing sealant which helps to maintain its brand-new quality even better over time.

Even if you aren't going for an unusual colour, cement rendering is an interesting way to add a layer of difference to your home, and it's practical too. Maintenance is limited, and with such great durability when applied correctly by experts, it's not a job you'll need to repeat or repair unless you want to change it up. In short, it's well worth considering as an option for your exterior walls.